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Poker and Baseball


Poker Pro Who Was Once an Ace of the Baseball Diamond
Poker and Baseball

Sporting baseball caps, hoodies, and typical jeans, poker players are often “dressed not to impress” so fellow players would underestimate them. In order to ace the card game itself, poker players should have a skill for subtlety and strategic thinking. On the other hand, a baseball player who sports a similar getup also needs the skills of subtlety and tactics to win a game of baseball. Aside from a physical display of dexterity and aptitude, a good baseball player knows how to “trick” an opponent with shrewd gestures and verbal cues.

And because of this setting, poker and baseball are alike fundamentally. Up to date, we still find MLB players who are keen to play poker after a baseball game. In the same way, some of today’s professional card players are also in love with baseball. One of these poker professionals who were quite a baseball star in his younger years is the former youngest player to ace the World Series of Poker, Gavin Griffin. Here’s a quick look at his career.

Gavin Griffin: Before a Poker Professional Came to Be
Poker players may remember Gavin Griffin mostly for his pink hair (to raise awareness for breast cancer), but the competitive card industry will always remember his achievement as one of the youngest players to earn the WSOP gold bracelet. He was the youngest player to do so at 22 back then, but the record was beaten a series later with the likes of Jeff Madsen and Eric Froehlich entering the poker profession. Aside from his reputation at the WSOP tables, Griffin also made sure to make a mark in other major poker tournaments. In fact, he has already won a European Poker Tour title and also aced the PartyPoker -sponsored World Poker Tour in the Borgata Winter Open.

His success started through internet poker, and eventually, he mustered enough courage to take on the real setting. During those days, he was also into a different sport—baseball. Before he became a full-fledged poker player, he was an avid fan of the bat-and-ball game. As a matter of fact, he started playing at the age of 5. By the time he was a teenager, he had already played in multiple baseball leagues. He was also offered various baseball scholarships given his abilities as a baseball pro. But in the end, Griffin chose the diamond cards over the baseball diamond.


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