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New Park, New Rules

Marlins Park

Marlin’s Park is now a major league park with it’s first game being played on Wednesday. But what kind of park is it? A hitter’s park or a pitcher’s park?

Early results are in.  It is a pitcher’s park.  Lance Berkman predicts the wall being moved in within 2 years.  Logan Morrison called it a ‘little ridiculous’.

This has definite fantasy implications.  A team with Ramirez, Stanton, Reyes, etc. should be an offensive threat.  But if the park plays big, then all of these guys lose a little value. I’m not saying that they are not top players, cuz they still are no matter where they play, but their numbers are likely to not be as good as many expected.  On the other side, Joshnson, Buehrle, Nolasco, Zambrano, and Sanchez get a bump up.  They will not get any more Ks, but they should have lower ERAs.

What do you do?  I say sell high on some of the Marlin’s players.  Be sure to get quality for your trades.  If you trade Ramirez, for example, you should get someone in the caliber of  Pedroia or Longoria.  On paper, the guys are comparable, but in reality the park may make you the winner.  Worst case, you break even – not bad.  The pitchers get a little more value but not a ton.  Again, this will help ERA mainly and a little on their WHIP.

So, consider moving your Marlin hitters, and maybe grabbing some Marlin pitching.


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