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Oswalt to Rangers

Roy Oswalt

Roy Oswalt has signed with the Rangers. He’ll start in the minors with the obvious goal of joining the Rangers rotation as soon as possible. what can Texas, and we expect?

Oswalt had an injury plagued year in 2011, but, still managed to start 23 games.  In those games, he had a nice 3.69 ERA, and an average 93 Ks in 139 innings.  But we need to keep a couple of things in mind.  First, he pitched in the NL East – not a good hitting division at all last year.  Second, his one post season start was terrible, 5 runs in 6 innings.  Third, Oswalt is 34, more on the downside of his career then the other way around.  Last, Oswalt has always pitched in the NL, and now he will be asked to pitch in the much better hitting AL, in a stadium that favors hitters.

Oswalt has been a fantasy stud for many years.  But it’s time to look past the name.  He is a good pitcher in his decline going to a tough place to pitch.  Keep your expectations in check.

In fantasy, he’s completely ownable in deep leagues, very ownable in medium leagues, but is a gamble in shallow leagues.  I’m not sold on this move for Oswalt, I think it will not amount to much.  I’ve always liked Oswalt, so I hope I’m wrong, but this looks dangerous to me.


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