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Norris Hits His First HR

Derrick Norris

In the bottom of the 9th, Derrick Norris hit a walk-off homerun for his Oakland A’s – his first!

Derrick Norris is one of the top catching prospects in baseball.  He came up with the Nationals and was going to be another piece to their great young team (along with Strasburg and Harper) – but Wilson Ramos proved to be more then capable behind the plate.  This allowed the nationals to shop Norris to Oakland for pitcher Gio Gonzalez.

In the minors this year, Norris showed he had some good tools to play with.  He hit .273, he had 8 HRs, and showed he had good ability as a catcher (calling games and a strong arm).  Still, not numbers to demand a call up.  However, Oakland’s starting cather, Kurt Suzuki, has been struggling badly.

Suzuki is hitting a horrible .216 on the year and has 0 HRs.  He has had some good seasons in the past, but this year is abysmal.

Rumors are swirling that Norris will be taking over starting catcher duties and that Suzuki is on the trading block.  Nothing has been stated, but all signs point this way.

For fantasy, Suzuki can continue to be ignored this year.  Norris on the other hand is intriguing.  He has upside.  In 12 major league at bats, he is hitting .250 with a HR – compared to Suzuki, these are monster numbers.  I don’t think Norris is ready for shallow leagues, but if he gets full time duty behind the plate, I believe he is very ownable in medium leagues.  On just potential alone, Norris should be owned in deep leagues.

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