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MLB Fantasy Prospects for Next Year

brian wilson

MLB Fantasy Prospects for Next Season

 If you are a baseball fan and love betting online, this article will help you select the best MLB fantasy picks for the next season. After an exciting end of the 2013 Major League Baseball season, where the Boston Red Sox were able to win the World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals, it is time to start looking for the best baseball prospects for 2014. While it is not always easy to predict which players will drastically improve their performance or which ones will disappoint fantasy owners, here we will take a look at some of the best pitchers and batters of the last season, something that will allow you to make an informed decision when choosing the best players for each position.

A Look at the Best Pitchers

Brian Wilson, one of the most complete pitchers in the league, played a very important part for the San Francisco Giants’ bullpen in both the 2011 and 2012 seasons. Although he was selected for the All-Star Game and was able to record impressive numbers, an elbow injury prevented him from playing a lot of games in 2012. Wilson was able to sign for the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2013, appearing in a total of nearly 20 games and showing why he is still considered an elite pitcher. While it is not clear where he will play next season, Brian Wilson is an underrated player that you should select early in the fantasy draft.

Although Clayton Kershaw was not able to win the 2013 National League MPV Award, he was able to secure the National League Cy Young Award last season. After a remarkable year, Kershaw finished the season with an outstanding 1.83 ERA (earned run average), an impressive number for a starting pitcher. Although Kershaw can easily match his performance next year, it might be a better choice to select his teammate Hyun-jin Ryu in the fantasy draft. While not as complete as Clayton Kershaw, Ryu is still a very young left-handed pitcher. Born in South Korea, Hyun-jin Ryu played for the Dodgers last year, finishing the season with a solid 3.00 ERA in his rookie year. We can definitely expect more from this player and that is why he might be a very reliable choice for the 2014 MLB season.

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Choosing the Best Batters for Your Fantasy Team

Miguel Cabrera, considered by many fans as the best batter in professional baseball, was able to win the American League MPV Award for his exceptional 2013 season. While the Detroit Tigers were not able to reach the World Series after losing to the Boston Red Sox in the American League Championship Series (ALCS), Cabrera was still able to maintain an incredible .348 batting average and a 1.078 OPS throughout the entire 2013 season. Justin Verlander and the Tigers are clear contenders for the 2014 World Series, so Cabrera should always be a great addition to your fantasy team as long as you have the opportunity of selecting him in the first round of the fantasy draft.

Although David Ortiz recorded an outstanding .760 batting average in the last six games of the season against the St. Louis Cardinals, it is highly improbable that he will be able to maintain this number during next season. On the other hand, if you think this veteran player has what it takes to win it all again, you can always make a bet online in one of the leading sports betting portals on the Internet. Visit the Bodog.eu website, check the latest sports betting odds and discover the best place to bet online. If you would like more information, take a look at their online sportsbook or visit their Twitter account, where it is possible to discover the latest news and promotions.


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