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KC Stud

Felipe Paulino

Felipe Paulino is putting up some eye-popping numbers so far this year.

Okay, it’s only been 4 starts, but still…  He has an ERA of 1.42 and 29 Ks in 25 innings.  To be considered is the teams he has played against:  Yankees twice, gave up 0 runs in each meeting.  The surprising Orioles once, gave up 0 runs.  The White Sox once in which he had his worst game, 4 runs.

KC has not lived up to what I expected of them so far, but Paulino is doing his job and then some.  More then a K an inning and a low ERA is all you could ask for.

Paulino has never pitched this well in  his career.  Maybe things are bound to go bad for him, or maybe he’s just getting better.  The uncertainty makes it so Paulino cannot be trusted in shallow leagues.  The uncertainty makes him a gamble in medium leagues.  In shallow leagues, he is completely worth the risk.  If KC gets it’s offense going and Paulino can keep up the good work, he will be a strong fantasy player for any league.


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