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Grand Grandal

Yasmani Grandal

It would have been nice if Grandal had hit a grand slam (Then this article could be titled ‘Grand Grandal Grand Slam’). Anyway, I’m sure 2 HRs in his first 2 at bats is pretty satisfying.

Switch hitting catcher Yasmani Grandal was called up by the Padres and had a very nice debut.   2 HRs in 2 ABs is as good as it gets.  But what can we expect from him moving forward?

I imagine that after his 2 HR performance, a lot of people picked him up for their fantasy team.  However, they are not likely going to get what they expected.  In the minors, Grandal is a guy who hits for average and has some pop.  That’s right, some pop.  In 56 minor league games this year, he has a total of 6 HRs.  In over 100 games last  year, he had 14.  So 20 HRs should be his expectations (maybe less since he plays in Petco).  I’m not saying 20 HRs are bad, but just don’t expect 2 HR games very often, or ever again.  What you can expect is a a disciplined hitter.  He was hitting .335 this year, and he hit .305 last year.

All in all, Yamani is a solid player with some upside.  I don’t think he’s too ownable in shallow leagues (he’d have a chance if he didn’t play for SD) – after all, his 2 HRs are his only hits in 3 games.  Medium leagues can consider him.  Deep leagues could do worse.



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