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Scott Diamond

Minnesota Twin’s left hander, Scott Diamond, is really shining.

Over his last 7 starts, he has 5 wins, 1 no decision, and 1 loss (gave up 2 runs).  very impressive.  Forgetting the wins, he never gave up more the 3 runs in any of those starts (gave up 0 runs in 4 of them)!

Looking at Diamond’s past doesn’t seem to tell an accurate tale.  In 2011, Diamond had a 5+ ERA both in the minors and in the majors (7 starts).  Whatever it was that held him back last year seems to be gone now.

In the minors for 2012 (6 starts) he had a great ERA of 2.60 with 26 Ks in 34 innings.  In the majors so far (7 starts) he has an amazing ERA of 1.61 and a okay/below average 28 Ks in 44 innings.

Diamond has enough starts to rule out a ‘fluke’.  He is a major league caliber pitcher.  His strikeouts are a bit low to be an elite pitcher, but everything else is solid.

Diamond can be used in all but the shallowest formats.

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