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Fantasy Baseball Big Game

Offers the most realistic GM experience around! You will be 1 of 25 owners drafting a 25 man roster to compete for your league's championship, as well as an overall prize of $20,000! Entry fee is $250. You can also compete in Independent Leagues. League champions win up to 16 X’s your entry fee. Independent Leagues start at $100. Early bird discounts available. No transaction fees! 1 in 5 wins cash!!!


Baseball Manager

Several games including: Play Seven, Lighting, Ultimate Express of casual play & Winter Ball.



Many styles of play. Prizes. Free articles, player rankings and more.


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Free Leagues



Offers free live scoring, auction drafts and fully customizable leagues.



Free live scoring, auction drafts and fully customizable leagues.







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Pro Fantasy Baseball Leagues Mission Statement

Pro Fantasy Baseball Leagues is dedicated to bringing the top fantasy baseball leagues into one easy to use directory. Saving our customers time by having all links go directly to baseball gives them more time find their desired league. Several style leagues have been included for the convenience of our fantasy baseball customer. Both free leagues and pay leagues have been included in the league directory.


-The staff at Pro Fantasy Baseball