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Dodger Closer

Javy Guerra..................Kenley Jansen

The Dodger’s are in a good position when it comes to their bullpen. They have two guys that can close out games. Javy Guerra and Kenley Jansen. The question is, who is actually the closer?

First, Dodger manager Don Mattingly has said that Guerra will be the opening day closer.  So end of story?  Not so fast.

Javy Guerra ended up being the Dodger’s primary closer last year.  He did a great job with the opportunity gathering 21 saves, 38 Ks in 46 innings, while keeping his ERA at 2.31.  You would probably like a few more Ks from your closer, but you can’t really argue with the rest.

Kanley Jansen had some remarkable numbers.  96 Ks in 53 innings!  That is nearly an average of 2 Ks an inning!  GAH!  His ERA was 2.85 but that was do to a poor start.  In the final 4 months of the year, he had an ERA of 0.33.  In addition to swing and miss stuff, he has a cutter that is routinely described as Mariano Rivera quality.  This guy is dominating.

With numbers like Jansen is putting up you have to assume he will be the closer at some point.  Maybe it will take an injury to Guerra, or maybe Guerra will have a short leash.  Either way, Jansen will be the Dodger’s closer by the end of the year.

For drafting, I would take Jansen BEFORE I would draft Guerra.  His numbers and potential are too good not too.  They are both later round guys, but imagine getting a Rivera like closer late in your draft!  That’s is what will happen with Jansen this year.

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