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Do You Dare: Zito

Barry Zito

Barry Zito has had a rough ride over the years. From being an ‘Ace’ to being a ‘Bust.’ But what is he really?

From 2000 – 2006 he was an Ace. He had winning records all of those years (had 23 wins in 2002). Then he signed with the Giants (2007 – for a boat load of money). He has had a losing record ever since. His lowest ERA over his time with the Giants is 4.03 – not the Ace they were hoping for.

With all that said, Zito is off to a very promising start this year. He already has a complete game shutout under his belt. In the two games he pitched (vs. Pirates and Rockies) he has gone 16 innings, has an ERA of 0.69, 8 Ks, and 1 BB. The ERA is killer, the Ks are average to below average, and the 1 walk is nice.

I doubt Zito will ever be called an Ace again, but he can still be good. If he had more Ks, then he could have the making of a great bounce back year, but that doesn’t seem likely. By the end of the year he will probably be a serviceable pitcher. He should be ignored, at least for now, in shallow leagues. Deep leagues may want to give him a try – there is a lot worse out there.  I dare you.


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