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Get Him While He’s Cheap

Zach Cozart

It’s hard to call a 26 year old a ‘prospect’, but Zach Cozart, shortstop for the Reds, is just that. He is getting his first shot as a starter, and is doing well (understatement) so far.

How well has Cozart played?  In his 3 games, he is batting .545, has 1 HR, 2 RBIs, and 4 Runs.  So what’s the catch?

Cozart’s big issue is health.  He just can’t seem to stay healthy for long period of times.  Maybe it’s just coincidence or maybe he’s one of those guys who are always injured (J.D. Drew anyone?).  Not sure yet.

That said, many people have called this guy a Tulo clone.  Wow!  I think that is a bit much.  This guy hasn’t put up Tulo like numbers yet, but it’s nice to know that people see that potential in him.  He has good power, clubbed 17 HRs in 2010, good speed, swiped 30 bags in 2010, and has the makings of a good average (he hit .310 in 323 ABs  last year).  There is seriously a lot to like here.

Cozart is owned in less then 25% of leagues.  So unless you have a Tulo, or a Reyes, or one of the FEW top SS, Cozart could be a very nice sleeper at a cheap price – that is until people catch on.

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