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Come Back Andy Pettitte

Andy Pettitte

What a difference a year makes. Last year the Yankees were desperate for pitching, this year they look to have more then they need.  Especially now that Andy Pettitte is back from retirement.

Over his career, Andy Pettitte has been nothing short of great for the Yankees.  He’s about as consistent as they come, eats innings, and is one of the better post season pitchers ever.  The fact that he is back gives the Yanks some serious pitching depth.

The last year that Pettitte pitched was in 2010.  That year he had an ERA of 3.28, 101 Ks in 129 innings, and was an incredible 11 and 3.  Pettitte clearly was still playing at a high level even though it was late in his career.  At 39, he feels that he has at least one more season in him.

Fantasy wise this could be a very nice addition late in the draft.  A couple of things have to be considered.  First, he’s missed a year.  He is a little late to the party so he probably won’t be ready for starting until May.  Second, and probably most important, will he return to form?  I believe yes.  If you had your draft already, you might simply be able to go pick him up off of free agency.  If you haven’t had your draft, consider Pettitte a risk/reward type player late.  I believe the risk is low and the reward is high – don’t forget he plays for the powerful Yankees.

This news is good for the Yankees, good for you if you get him on your fantasy team, and not good for the rest of the league.

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