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2012 Player Profile: Ryan Madson, Cinncinati Reds

Todd Farino, The Closer Report

Welcome to Cinncinati Reds Ryan Madson. After off and on again saves for the past two years he gets a sweet one year deal to showcase his talents for permanent closer job. Ryan Madson is the most anticipated new closer in 2012. Not only does Madson join a save-friendly Reds team, but he is motivated to succeed for a new long-term deal.

Madson closed out 2011 with 32 saves, 62 Ks, and bottom feeder ERA of 2.34. He did that all in only 60 innings. Madson is a converted started with 96 MPH fastball and a slew of breaking balls to fool batters. A great closer needs only one great pitch to get three outs, but a great closer can also be the guy who has another pitch to go to when the first one doesn’t work. Madson throws 4 , sometimes five different pitches to get National League hitters out with. He has the fastball, cut fastball, change-up, a curveball, and he’s even thrown a slider back in his starting days. Having the change-up and cut fastball to throw at overly aggressive ninth inning hitters is a godsend for Ryan Madson. He has some average to below average line-ups to face in the National League Central.

Madson will give it his everything. He is playing for a 4-5 year deal and a permanent closer with another suitor or maybe stay with the Reds. Expect a full and heathy year for 31-year-old closer. As for the Reds, they traded for setup man and future closer Sean Marshall. If the Reds have a lead into the 8th, consider it over.
The Closer Report 2012 Projections: 41 Sv – 2 Wins – 2.42 ERA – 1.08 WHIP – 77 Ks 41-2-2.42-1.08-77

2012 Fantasy Draft Analysis:

While many fantasy managers will have a heads up on Madson’s value, many would. His current ADP sits at 141 and he was taken as late as 189. While I expect my projections to be accurate, they are leaning conservative. Madson could be better and that excites me. I would love to take a top-notch closer and then follow it up with Madson in the 12, 13, or 14th round. He will perform the 2012 season at a round 8 level at the very least. Draft him between the 8th and 12th rounds. He will be a 1st tier closer.

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