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2012 Fantasy Baseball Sleepers: Mat Gamel

Mat Gamel

First Baseman generally get a lot of attention in fantasy baseball.  These are the guys who don’t really need to do anything good except hit.  Any defensive ability is usually just icing on the first baseman cake.  That said, sometimes a starting first baseman goes unnoticed in fantasy and can make for a killer pickup later in the draft.  The last time I noticed this was with Kendry Morales.  He wasn’t even drafted in most leagues and yet was owned in every league by years end.  If you were the guy that got him, well done.  If you weren’t, don’t you wish you were?

This year it is happening again.  Mat Gamel for the Brewers is getting little to no pub for being a starting first baseman.  He’s not a defensive guy otherwise he probably would have been up last year as the Brewer’s 3B.  But now that Prince is gone, Gamel can take over 1B.  What can we expect?

In the minors, Gamel has shown himself to be a .300 hitter.  Over the last couple of years, his AVG keeps going up, his HRs keep going up, and his strikeouts keep going down.  Good trending here.

Gamel has had a few opportunities in the majors, but didn’t do much.  But the sample size is very small (26 ABs last year and 15 the year before) .

At 26, Gamel is poised to be ready for a full time gig.  He has the real potential to hit in the .280’s and belt 25+ HRs.  There are a lot of guys that should be taken before Gamel, but there are also a lot of guys that will be taken before him that he will out perform.  Of note, Gamel is eligible for 3B and will quickly get 1B eligibility (always nice to have multi-position options).  Don’t miss out on this year’s Kendry Morales.

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