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The 2014 Fantasy Baseball season is on its way and Colorado Rockies' outfielder Carlos Gonzales 2010 performance has him being argued as the #1 ranked player in fantasy baseball.









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Fantasy Baseball Scout: Free Agent & Minor League Prospects
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After incredible 2010 performances, closer's Heath Bell (47 saves) and Brain Wilson (48 saves) top the preseason closer rankings.

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Free Fantasy Baseball Tips

1. The only way to win at Fantasy Baseball is to PAY ATTENTION. Most champions check their team when ever games are played with rare exception. If you like baseball, you probably check anyway. Five minutes a day will keep the last place far away. This is the only way to keep up to date on Fantasy Baseball injuries, trades and other team moves. Fantasy Baseball Champs are the ones who last till the end and keep scouting, trading, and maximizing their scoring potential. As they say, Fantasy Baseball is a marathon, not a sprint.


2. Going hand in hand with paying attention to your Fantasy Baseball team is maximizing your starts. At the end of the season have you used all your innings? Have you used most of your position starts? If you haven’t you, have left points on the table. As they say, Fantasy Baseball is a marathon, not a sprint. It's the last weeks that determine the winner.


3. The Fantasy Baseball Draft. Most players base their entire season on the Fantasy Baseball Draft. Your team does not live and die with the draft, but of course it is important. When conducting your Fantasy Baseball Draft the best advice is to play it safe. Don’t try to out smart yourself, draft a balance of pitching and offense. Look at positions that are thin, like 2B for example, and make sure you get yours. Draft a “sure thing” veteran starting pitcher. Draft a veteran big bat. After that, use player rankings early in the draft to guide you in your Fantasy Baseball Draft. Save gambles for middle and late rounds. Go into the draft with a small draft plan and some sleepers. Then throw away your plan. The most important thing during the draft is to ADAPT! Notice what positions are and are not being drafted. Can you hold off on drafting your first basemen because everyone has already drafted one? Was there a run on starting pitchers? You better get one, even if it is a slightly over-priced player. Go with the flow of the draft and you will do better than sticking to a plan. If you are new to drafting and your league offers an auto-draft option, use it. This will give you a safely drafted team. One last tip for the draft may be the most important. Draft closers. They are finite. In other words, there are 30 closers day one and 30 closers on the last day of the season. In most Fantasy Baseball leagues closers are valuable and can’t really be replaced.


4. More important than the draft is the free agent frenzy that occurs during the baseball season. Assuming that your draft was not a throw away, any team can be rebuilt through free agency. Every year major stars arise and who are undrafted free agents in Fantasy Baseball. This goes right with rule one, pay attention. Using a scouting service is a great way to help in this crucial are of Fantasy Baseball. This is the function of Pro Fantasy Baseball.


5. Trading in Fantasy Baseball. Not a must to win, but if you are a successful free agent scout, you need to try to trade. You will be able to replace many drafted starters with free agents. The old 2 very good players for one great player is the best way to improve your team. You improve a position and open a roster spot for another free agent acquisition. Opening roster spots is one of the most important things you can do to help your Fantasy Baseball scouting. Do your best not to trade any of your "Studs". Trade early when nobody really objects to trades.


6. Check your leagues point system before the draft and occasionally during the season. Obvious, but often ignored. Notice during the season which categories seem to be manufacturing a lot of points. If you see a point strength in the some category make moves for players who excel at that category. You will be surprised how you can stop a weakness on your team and turn it into a strength in the league. Some leagues, like Yahoo Fantasy Baseball, have a STANDINGS scoring summary. Use this to analyze strengths and weakness of categories during the season.




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Pro Fantasy Baseball is dedicated to creating the Free Fantasy Baseball Source for Fantasy Baseball fans. With our Leagues Directory you can pick from a list of the best free leagues and the best pay leagues available on the net. The News Guide gives you all of the premier Baseball News sites so you can keep abreast of all the latest fantasy sports news. The Statistics Directory has a direct search link to all the baseball statistic of your need. The Pro Fantasy Baseball Blog is a Fantasy Sports Weblog designed to give fantasy baseball commentary, fantasy baseball advice and links to the top fantasy baseball news stories of the week. The Pro Fantasy Baseball Forum gives the opportunity for you the fan to let your voice be heard and create a community of fantasy baseball fans.


A free, easy to use Fantasy Baseball Source is great, but Pro Fantasy Baseball has done one better for its customers. For a limited time we are able to give our customers free access to the the Webs #1 Fantasy Baseball scouting service, Pro Fantasy Baseball Scout. The Fantasy Scout is unlike most over-priced fantasy baseball services that offer the typical player rankings, a who's hot and who's not, stat projections, dollar values and an assortment of different ways for you to research for free agent fantasy baseball prospects. The Scout has access to all those sources and more and has done the research and work for you. The Scout gives you the one easy thing you need to find the top free agent prospects at all positions, their name. The Pro Fantasy Baseball Scout staff has access to the top stat services, local team newspapers, and is constantly researching to find the "diamonds in the rough". The only way to win the long marathon that is fantasy baseball is to make sure you, not your competition, is picking up the top free agents. Minor league and MLB prospects as well as the famous"Rent-a-Vet". The Scout guarantees that if you follow the advice, you will finish among the top in your league.


Pro Fantasy Baseball hopes all our customers enjoy the web site and enjoys the game of fantasy baseball as much as we do.


-The staff at Pro Fantasy Baseball.



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